Easy to begin, difficult to continue;
both sad and a relief when they end;






Potterheads wake up from their nap in front of their common room’s fireplace with a half finished potions essay in front of them.

Whovians are woken up jolted from the captains seat while the TARDIS spins out of control and the Doctor flipping over the TARDIS controls.

The Hunger Games fans wake up… in the Hunger Games. The gamekeepers decided to fuck with them.

NCIS Fans wake up to a Gibbs head slap and “Grab your gear.”

House Fans wake up to a medical files been thrown at them with clever remarks and insults.

Starkid fans find themselves in a very similar situation as the Potterheads, only is everything just funnier, sings everybody about their live and can’t you go 2 minutes without hearing dirty/nasty stuff.

Pandoratards wake up with voices in their heads saying that they’re Glen’s next vessel and they go batshit crazy and try to kill everyone.

Seacats wake up to find out they are not actually a witch or sorcerer but rather a sole survivor of the massacre of your family and explosion of the island and decide to write books about it all.

Reblogging this one specifically because…man….that’d be some crazy ass shit.

Homestucks wake up after their other self was slaughtered on some wierd bed, and they’re in wierd new clothes. they’re being endlessly pestered by some wierd gray aliens and wierd ecto-siblings and other people who aren’t actually related to them.

Forever Homestuck and Harry Potter~

Tales of fans wake up to find that they have recently been arrested for almost no reason what so ever and are in a locked jail cell, which they then proceed to easily escape out of. They then attempt to leave, but bump into a person that quickly becomes their friend and they somehow go on a journey together that leads them to gain 4-6 more friends and discover some hidden secret that has been kept hidden from the public until -gasp- something happens that the public notices. Then everyone rejoices about hoe they never thought they would come this far and then they go kill stuff and get married to just about everyone in their party.

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    Tumblr fans wake up to a post-apocalyptic world where the internet doesn’t exist and half of mankind had been killed.
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