Easy to begin, difficult to continue;
both sad and a relief when they end;


my favorite olympic sport is, without a doubt, card games on ice



"Lloyd, one day, let’s travel the world and see all the stars together!" Too bad lol jk im gonna die.

Instead of sewing like I’m supposed to be doing, I decided to go nuts with pallets instead and draw one of my favorite characters from my favorite game. 

I brought a pair of flippies down to the pool this evening so I could be a mermaid for awhile and this group of guys in the hot tub kept staring at me like YEAH THAT’S rIGHT you’re lookin’ at a REAL LIVE MERMAID keep walkin’ fellas I know I’m pretty. 

It was really fun.



Work by めろ (twitter)

Work by めろ (twitter)


Me @ family dinners…

Haru and Sousuke Parallels + ep. 9 | Unattainable Dreams 




Thus began the rise of Aperture Science.


Kamigami no Asobi PSP game translation: Chapter One

[DOWNLOAD - .docx format]

IT’S FINALLY DONE!! I took on this big project in hopes of honing my translation skills (it’s my first big one), and after much looking up kanji, editing, reformatting, and general confusion, I finally managed to pull together a file for an English translation of the first chapter of KamiAso!

As a huge fan of mythology, I couldn’t leave this game alone - it’s probably the best fashionable Japanese boy otome game adaptation of classical mythological figures out there: watered-down mythology, brilliant hair colors, heartwarming love confessions, you name it. Plus the art is fantastic!

You’ll have to acquire a copy of the game yourself if you want to read it alongside my translations, of course!

I do plan on translating the rest of the game (Hades route first because I’m biased), so look forward to that I suppose. Until then, enjoy!


Important, always-relevant comic done by the wonderful Ursa Eyer.